How To change iMei Number iphone Free 2018

How To change iMei Number iphone Free 2018

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The IMEI code is a single numerical sequence for each mobile phone and is made up of 15 digits. This encoding is very important for the security of your iPhone because those users who have been stolen from the phone can call the phone operator who provides the service and have it disabled by simply giving them the IMEI code. If you are looking to change this identification, then we explain how to change the IMEI number of any iPhone or ipad.

Change the IMEI of any iphone with IMEI changer Tool 2018


  1. These steps are to modify the IMEI of an iPhone or ipad and get to give it a new numbering. To start downloading and install from your computer the IPhone IMei changer.
    Available for Windows and MacOs.
  2. Once the IMEI changer for iphone software is on your computer, you must open the command program “Run ” and write “cmd ” without the quotation marks. You will find this option by clicking on “Start > run “.
  3. Write CD/Imei unlock IPhone in the search field and press “Enter ” on your computer. Now connect your iPhone or ipad to the computer with the corresponding cable.
  4. Put the IPhone in Restore mode. Press the “on ” and “Idle/active ” ( “Sleep/Wake “) buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo; Then release the “On” button. Continue to press the “inactive/active ” button until you see the itunes logo and a cable on your screen.
  5. To complete the process of changing the IMEI of your iPhone or ipad type “Imei changer-U-i to 123456789012345 ” in the command prompt. Change the IMEI code numbers you want to modify.
  6. Wait for the program to locate the Zibri. dat file. Your iphone will restart automatically and you’ll have the new IMEI on your iphone. That simple! In a few steps you can have a new IMEI.

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