Unlock iMei any iPhone Free 2018

Unlock iMei any iPhone Free 2018

In this article we will show all the information you need to change your IMEI, block or unlock your iphone with the IMEI… with the objective that you can find everything you’re looking for in a single article.

unlock imei iphoneHow to know the iphone imei you can easily know the IMEI of your iphone in your SIM tray. To do this you only have to extract and in it will indicate the number, as long as you have not changed.

To download imei changer Tool in its version for iphone you can select any download option.

Download iMei changer Tool Pro Option 1:

On the other hand, you can see the Imei number through the terminal itself. To do this, just enter the menu, go to Settings. Within this section you will have to enter the general section and go to information. Now you just have to navigate down, where you can see the Imei number quickly.

change the imei of any iPhone Imei Changer Tool free

Before entering into matter, you have to be clear that it is very important that you download Imei Changer for Iphone and you have a cable that will allow you to connect the 6th iPhone iPad. Once you have these two things, it will be time to start to work.

Now that you have your download IMEI CHANGER TOOL FOR  IPHONE pc, you will have to install. The vast majority of computers accept this program, but you do not lose anything to see that resources need to function properly.
Download Option 2 Imei Unlock iphone 2018

When you open the software, what you need to do is connect your iPhone or ipad with the usb cable. Now your computer will recognize it you, remembering that if you open the Itunes application, you will have it to close to continue with the operation.

Now you have to go home and give the button execute. In the box that you will get will have to “cmd” (Recalling the quotes won’t them be). Then, in the command window you will have to “cd Desktop/imeiUnlocker“.

You will then have to put the phone in recovery mode. To achieve this you have to click the main button and power button. You will have to press the button for a few seconds, until you see the Apple logo. Once you see them, you will only have to release the primary button and you will get the logo of Itunes and Usb connector.

Now it’s already time change or delete the code IMEI of iphone or ipad. As our goal is to change it, we have to do is to change imei Unlocker for iphone – u-i (imei number) by the number you want, recalling that the same should be 15 digits. So imeiChanger – u-i a123456789012345 should stay for example. That Yes, you do not recommend using this number it is very frequent.

Finally, you will have to enter, and the program will begin to change the IMEI of your phone. Once everything is finished, because you can disconnect your phone from the computer and check if the IMEI is changed properly. For this purpose we recommend using the step that we have explained in the first paragraph.


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